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Filled with an assortment of mouth-watering chocolates, these wonderfully arranged gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and presentations and are suitable for any occation. We offer shipping to Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas, as well as across Canada and into the United States.
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Exquisite Lindt Vase

A stunning glass vase is filled to the brim with Lindt Lindor truffles. Once all the sweetness is gone the vase can be used again and again.

• Lindt Lindor Truffles
• Stylish Glass Vase

Exquisite Lindt Vase

Regular Price: $85.00

Special Price $75.00

Sweet Grandeur

Fine Belgian chocolates, maple cream fudge, coconut truffles, dark chocolate cocoa nibs, caramel cappuccino mix, water crackers and more.

• Made Chocolate Belgian Truffles in a Silver Tin
• Waterbridge Belgian Assorted Chocolates
• Cherrington Milk Chocolates with Coconut
• Made Chocolate Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs
• Cherrington Wine Crackers
• Ste. Julie Maple Cream Fudge
• Cherrington White Chocolate Wafers
• Aunt Gloria’s Sesame Water Crackers
• Lily Fielding Caramel Cappuccino Mix
• Round Hamper Basket

Sweet Grandeur
Icewine Chocolate Tower

This 3-piece glass tower is brimming with an assortment of milk and dark ice-wine chocolates.

*Please note: One 3-piece tower is delivered with each order.

• Dark Ice-wine Chocolates
• Milk Ice-wine Chocolates
• Glass 3-piece Tower Jar

Icewine Chocolate Tower

Regular Price: $100.00

Special Price $84.99

Chocolate Classics

This basket is full of fine chocolates and other sweet goodies that are perfect for sharing. An oval wicker cloth lined basket is overflowing with an assortment of Godiva truffles, Belgian chocolates, double chocolate biscotti, chocolate fudge, chocolate espresso beans, ginger snaps and much more.

Chocolate Classics
Bountiful Masterpiece

A wide array including Chocolate Factory handcrafted truffles, Belgian assorted chocolates, an assortment of crackers, cheese, green olives, cocktail gherkins, biscotti, nuts, a bottle of sparkling Blush Twist come arranged in a cloth lined wicker basket. • Chocolate Factory Gourmet Handcrafted Truffles

• Waterbridge Belgian Assorted Chocolates
• Cider Keg Sparkling Blush Twist
• DiBella Pistachio & Cranberry Biscotti
• Turback Mini Breadsticks
• Turback Tuscan Style Crackers
• Cherrington Wine Crackers
• Cherrington Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs
• Gourmet Trendz Honey Peanuts
• Gourmet Trendz Pistachios
• Castello Brie Cheese
• Opies Stoneless Green Olives
• Sonoma Jacks Original Cheese Wedges
• Opies Cocktail Gherkins
• Pretzel Sticks
• Elsa’s Story Rosemary & Olive Oil Crisp Baked Crackers
• Monet Mini Original Water Crackers
• Cloth Lined Wicker Basket

Bountiful Masterpiece
Ultimate Chocolate Sensation

This sharing gift is overflowing with tons of chocolatey goodness! Chocolate Factory gourmet handcrafted truffles, Lindt Lindor chocolate squares, Laura Secord chocolate fudge, an assortment of fine Belgian chocolates and truffles, double chocolate biscotti, peppermint pretzel sticks and much, much more fill this large wicker basket.

Ultimate Chocolate Sensation

Regular Price: $300.00

Special Price $250.00

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