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  1. Finding the Perfect Gift Basket for the Moms in Your Life This Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is a special occasion to show appreciation and love for the incredible moms in our lives. Choosing the perfect gift that conveys our feelings can be a delightful yet daunting task. A thoughtfully curated gift basket can be the ideal solution, offering a combination of treats and treasures that can cater to her unique tastes and interests. Whether she's inclined towards a day of pampering with a Spa gift basket or has a penchant for gourmet delights, finding the right basket is key to making her day memorable. more...
  2. Top 5 Easter Basket Ideas That Will Have Them Talking All Year

    Easter's right around the corner, and guess what? We're here to make your gift-giving a piece of cake! Why hustle through crowded stores when you could effortlessly spread joy with a fab Easter gift basket? Seriously, it's a game-changer. Picture this, a tailor-made basket popping with goodies that'll definitely spark joy in your loved ones. And hey, who said Easter gifts were all about predictable chocolate eggs? Nah, we're shaking things up with stylish Easter baskets that are bound to impress. more...
  3. Corporate Gift Bаѕkеtѕ for Clients

    Giving gifts to clients and staff is a great way to show thankfulness for the continued business throughout the year.  Many successful companies do this. They knоw thе impact оf рrеѕеnting giftѕ tо their cоllеаguеѕ, cliеntѕ оr оthеr ѕtаff mеmbеrѕ.  Mоѕt people рrеfеr sending cоrроrаtе gift bаѕkеtѕ because thеу are received well and ѕеrvе mоrе value for money thаn most оthеr items. Yоu cаn send them for аnу оccаѕiоn.

  4. A chocolate basket from Toronto’s Epic Baskets is great for any occasion!

    Everyone loves chocolate. Of course, there are those who tend to love it a little bit more than others. In fact, some of us would rather not go a day without our tasty vice. If you know someone like this and they have a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion coming up, consider sending them an Epic Baskets chocolate basket.

    At Epic Baskets, we take chocolate seriously, which is why we’re adored by serious chocolate lovers. Our baskets come with plenty of options including:

    • Godiva chocolates
    • Handcrafted Truffles
    • Exquisite chocolate covered cookies
    • Fine Belgian chocolates and truffles
    • Chocolate covered nuts and other goodies

    Our chocolate baskets are beautiful on their own, but we also take the time to ensure that the delectable chocolates inside them steal the show even before your loved one gets their wrappers off.

  5. The go-to option for gift basket delivery in Toronto & GTA

    No matter what the occasion calls for, Epic Baskets has an option that’s perfect for your intended recipient. Whether someone you love has a birthday coming up or just gave birth to a new born baby, we have baskets for that. Perhaps someone you know lost a loved one or is just going through a rough time, we have baskets for that. Maybe you just want to be a good friend and someone you know really loves chocolate, we have baskets for that.

    Other popular options we carry include:

    • Chocolate baskets
    • Gourmet baskets
    • Thank you baskets
    • Get well baskets
    • Fruit baskets
    • Wine and Alcohol baskets
    • Spa baskets

    Whatever the reason you’re considering a gift basket... more...

  6. Five Reasons to Send a Gift Basket

    Five Reasons for Giving Gift Baskets

    Finding that perfect gift for the holidays is sometimes a difficult task.  Whether you want to show your appreciation for a friendship or say Thank You to a client for their business throughout the year, it is important to convey the right message. With Epic Baskets you can tailor your basket to suit the taste preferences of the recipient. 

    Here are the top 5 reasons for giving a gift basket for the holidays:

    1. Gift baskets contain delicious goodies and sweet treats that are perfect for the holidays.
    2. Gift baskets are easy to order and help you save time and money.
    3. Gift baskets express the feelings of the sender in a way that is personal and unique.
    4. Gift baskets are an excellent gift for the “difficult to buy for” person.
    5. Gift baskets bring a smile to the recipients face…because everyone loves receiving a gift basket!

    At Epic Baskets, we are committed to satisfying our clients’ gift-giving needs. Our product selection, unique containers and customer service are all part of what makes Epic Baskets an exceptional gift giving experience.

    Ordering is simple… Call us at 1 (866) 339-0783 or visit us at www.epicbaskets.com
    Call or click - then relax.  We will take care of the rest.



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