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Christmas Gift Basket Bonanza

Dec 14, 2015 7:26:37 AM

Christmas Gift Basket Bonanza

We all have a little cold feet when it comes to Christmas gift giving. Will the person like this? Will the person use that? How much am I spending? Between all the confusion, rest assured, you might have a new solution: Christmas gift baskets! 

Before you shoot the idea down, consider this: you will not be the only one buying. Gift basket companies make around 3.3 billion each year, and a large portion of their earnings are made around the holiday season. It is a great gift idea for family, friends and colleagues alike.

Now that you are considering the option, you may be wondering what types of things go into these gift baskets and what themes they might have.

Holiday gift baskets are among the most extravagant and detailed gift baskets available. They have a variety of regular items as well as seasonal holiday items. Some may include things such as coffee mugs, cookies, candies and desserts, while seasonal baskets often times include these things, only holiday themed. Some items may include chocolates, candles and food that are specifically holiday themed. Others may include things such as home decor items, stuffed animals, Christmas Tree ornaments, candy canes and assorted fruit cakes and gingerbread, all centered around Christmas themes.

Aside from these, you will be able to find gift baskets for specific interests such as sports, fragrances and cars.

You will need to consider who this basket will be for. It is imperative that the contents and theme of your basket are perfect for who is receiving it. Don't just buy any old gift basket. If Uncle Bob loves fishing, you may just get lucky enough to find one in that nature, the same as if you found one for your candy-loving little nephew. Think about the recipients personality.

Consider what limitations or restrictions the person might have. For instance, your mother-in-law who has diabetes might not be too thrilled with a basket full of chocolate (or maybe she will!), or your cousin Ernie who loves chocolate may not want a sausage and cheese gift basket.


If you think a certain relative might especially enjoy it, you may consider including a personal note with your gift basket, to touch the heart.

The final thing you will need to consider is price. The average price for a gift basket ranges from a small basket under $35 to an extravagant basket over $400.

While you think some may be too cheap or too expensive, really consider if what you are spending is well spent. If you think the recipient will use the items and love them, then by all means go big, because it is well worth it. If you aren't looking to spend some much, that is ok too. A small gift basket may just be more from than the heart than a gift card you didn't really think through.


Now that you have some information on Christmas gift baskets, I hope you will search out the best gift basket for your family or friend this holiday season. Have a very merry Christmas!

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